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The 3DMakerWorld Artifex is an open source desktop 3D printer. The printer's frame is based on the frame of MendelMax-2.0, and the design was heavily modified for printability, strength, wire management, vibration reduction, filament feeding, and compatibility with other features in the extruder and heated build platform.

  • Artifex Specifications: http://www.3dmakerworld.com/artifex/specifications
  • Artifex Features: http://www.3dmakerworld.com/artifex/features
  • List of Artifex Printed Parts: http://www.3dmakerworld.com/files/ArtifexPrintedParts.pdf
  • Learn more about the Artifex 3D Printer: http://www.3dmakerworld.com/artifex

The 3DMakerWorld Artifex 3D Printers are available in different packages at http://www.3dmakerworld.com/store/3dprinters :

  • Hardware kit: All the hardware parts in the packing list of Artifex 3D Printer.
  • Essential kit: Print out your own parts. Everything else is included.
  • Complete kit: Everything included: hardware, electronics, printed parts and tools.
  • Fully assembled: Comes with a fully assembled Artifex 3D Printer. Ready to set up and print.

Artifex 3D Printer comes with detailed build insturctions and user manual:

  • Artifex Build Instructions [25.7M]: http://www.3dmakerworld.com/files/ArtifexBuildInstructions.pdf
  • Artifex User Manual [6.5M]: http://www.3dmakerworld.com/files/ArtifexUserManual.pdf
UPDATE: The design source files are now available at: https://github.com/3dmakerworld/artifex.

Additional Information

Dimensions (mm): 484 × 482 × 480
Build Platform (mm): 230 × 310 × 190 (height extendable to 220 mm)
Material Use: PLA, ABS
Filament Diameter (mm): 1.75
Nozzle(s) Size (mm): 0.35
Layer Thickness (mm): 0.05
Speed (mm/s): Print: 150 mm/sec; Travel: 300 mm/sec
Power Supply: 24 V, 400W

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